Can Breast Enlargement Boost Self-Confidence?

By: Patricia Woloch

There were nearly 348,000 breast augmentation procedures performed last year, making this the top surgical cosmetic procedure of 2007. As one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed, there are probably a plethora of reasons behind why women across the country have gone through this. By fixing asymmetrical, underdeveloped, or breasts that have lost fullness after giving birth or breastfeeding, breast augmentation can enhance the appearance many women want. What this comes down to, though, is women tend to seek breast augmentation for boosts to their self-confidence. This is, of course, a very personal decision that each woman must carefully consider.

Breast Enlargement

Beyond childbirth, the natural aging process, and the theory of gravity, can take their toll on the breasts. Not many women can honestly say they approve of the way their breasts look now compared to how they did when they were in their 20's. Likewise, many young women who have underdeveloped breasts may look at their female friends, peers, or those they work with and feel uncomfortable around them due to the size of their breasts. The answer to this may be found in breast enlargement.

Studies have found that women who undergo breast enlargement do feel their self-confidence improve. Whether this is due to getting back to a breast size they used to have or increasing their breast size because they were never happy with their breasts' original size, a majority of women say they would recommend breast enlargement to other women. And allaying any concerns about safety, the FDA has announced that silicone breast implants are not a threat to the health of women who decide on this type of implant. Thousands of women have silicone breast implants and are extremely happy with them.


While one of the insecurities some women feel about is the size of their breasts, others worry about how they will look when their procedure has concluded, they've healed, and are ready to go back to their normal routine. This can lead to questions about expectations. While there are potential breast enlargement patients who would like to have breasts like some famous celebrities, having realistic expectations about their breast augmentation will help self-confidence, too. This is something all potential patients will discuss with their cosmetic surgeon. However, most women seeking breast enlargement quickly realize that their potential procedure is unique to them and them alone.


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