Great Tips On How To Get Rid Of Love Handles!

By: Natalie J.

I'm sure you have figured out by now that getting rid of love handles is no easy task. Don't worry though, there is a way!

Firstly, let's take a look at why these not-so-lovable love handles appear in the first place. All that they are is an area where your body tends to store excess fat. The reason that the fat goes to these spots is because they are a way to carry fat for your body without it really getting in your way and where there is less activity to actually use the fat. It's like a storage room for the fat that your body does not need at the moment.

Also, love handles are located where there are no major muscles that would move the fat, so it sits there nicely and is harder to get rid of from this area. Now, if you wish ot get rid of these little (or big) storage rooms on your body, what you need to do is activate those areas. There are a few ways to do this.

One of my favorite is the "side bend" exercise. What you do is stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then you put your hands on your hip bones and move your upper body side to side. If you are bending to the left, you will be using your right stomach muscles by elongating them while going down to the left. As you are going up to your original position, you are contracting these side muscles of your stomach to pull you up.

What I also like to do is put my hands on these muscles. This way I can feel them contracting and it makes me feel good about exercising them. Try to concentrate your mind on pulling yourself up using these muscles only. This will be beneficial to toning your tummy and diminishing the love handles as the fat in that area becomes activated to support your muscles during exercise.

Another great exercise for love handles is to move only your upper torso in an isolated way from your lower body. What you need to do is move your upper body (from hip bones up) horizontally to the left, to the right, forward and backward. You can then combine them and move your upper body in a circular motion. If you are doing this exercise correctly, your movements will be small since you are not actually bending, but instead moving your upper body to the site while your lower body is firmly attached to the ground. You should feel your stomach and back muscles activated when doing this move.

I love these exercises because usually they don't tire you out and instead feel like a nice stretch. Make sure you do them as often as you can so that you are nice and flexible in that area, which will keep your love handles fat activated instead of stored for the winter :).

I hope this was helpful to you since it surely helped me to get rid of my love handles! I wish you to achieve the same result and feel great about yourself and your narrow waist! Good luck!


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