Blood Cleanse

By: Shane Crafton

First Impressions

This one is for your liver, that one is for your colon, and some claim to cleanse the entire body. Blood Cleanse, by Health Plus, Inc., is similarly marketed. According to the product promotion, Blood Cleanse is great for relieving the bloodstream of all sorts of bad stuff. From toxins to fats to mucus to cholesterol, Blood Cleanse is supposed to purify and deliver nutrients to the blood. Benefits of this product include an enhanced immune system and relief from the consequences of poor dietary choices.

I'm sympathetic to the cleansing cause. By all means - let us cleanse the body. But I think we can do quite a bit of cleansing on our own if we attend to our diets. According to Health Plus, Inc., sugars, white flours, fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol, and food additives can increase congestion in the blood. Here's a novel idea: why not reduce these rather than rely on a blood cleanser? Just a thought.


Blood Cleanse contains Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Echinacea, Red Clover Blossom, a Carotenoid Complex (which includes Beta-carotene), Chlorophyll, Choline, Folic Acid, Copper, Phosphorus, and Vitamin B12. I found Health Plus, Inc.'s ingredients discussion a little hard to swallow. As with many herb peddlers, any given herb can be characterized in any desirable fashion. This is not to say that herbs are useless. They are very useful. However, supplement companies have a way of twisting descriptions to fit their needs.

Take Burdock Root in Blood Cleanse's formula for example. According to product advertising, Burdock root is useful for removing toxins from the blood and lymph fluid, and it may also help the kidneys remove acids from the blood. But this might be another way of describing Burdock Root's diuretic function.


This possible manipulation exposes Blood Cleanse's main drawback: that it contains many conventional herbal cleansers that are simply described as blood cleansers. In other products, they might be described as colon cleansers. It becomes hard to know who to trust.

Would I Use Blood Cleanse?

I would probably continue to shop for a better option. Blood Cleanse isn't terrible, but it's not that impressive either. A good detox patch might be a useful option.


Some have criticized Health Plus, Inc.'s website. Some are pleased with Blood Cleanse overall. But mixed reviews are the fate of mediocre products.

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