Facial Exercise to Look Young

By: Lea London

Facial exercise is the only way to keep your face the way it was when you were young. Imagine yourself sitting on a couch in your own home watching a DVD with men and women exercising continuously to music. They are happy because they are getting their faces and necks in shape with aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is the continual movement for a period of time (twenty minutes). By using your hands for resistance you build the muscles even larger. Larger muscles stretch the skin and rid your face of the wrinkles. It also takes the stretched sagging out of the muscle therefore raising the skin back to its more youthful position. By exercising continuously you push blood and oxygen into all the cells repairing and building stronger cells.

Did you know that it has been shown that within the first 15 seconds of meeting you that person has formed an opinion of you based on how you look? It's sad buy true. What do you think was the first thing they saw when they looked at you? Your face and neck. Your looks can send your life forward or backward. It can help you get a job or lose one. It can start a relationship or end one. There is no need to spend any unnecessary money on laser, shots, and surgery. As long as you work it you will look young. Remember use it or lose it!

Losing your youthful good looks can start as early as 20 years of age. Our bodies start to age as soon as we are born but we never see inside until later in life when something breaks. It doesn't matter what your age. Face and Neck Aerobics will help change you!

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Written by Lea London. For all information go to http://www.act-on-antiaging.com


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