Dangers And Causes Of High Cholesterol

By: Anney Shine

Doctors know that high cholesterol brings increased risk of heart disease, and what's worrisome is the finding about the dangers of even borderline cholesterol that comes from a new study that's one of the largest and longest dementia trials ever conducted. The study show that potentially high cholesterol causes Alzheimer's Disease?Adults in their mid 40s with even slightly elevated cholesterol (as well as those with high cholesterol) appear to have a greater risk for Alzheimer's disease or related conditions like vascular dementia years later.This work adds to the growing evidence that controlling your risk factors for heart disease as well as keeping a handle on your weight in midlife can protect the brain as you age. "Keeping your weight down, eating right, and getting regular exercise can keep your heart healthy as you age, and it may also keep your brain sharp," adds lead author Alina Solomon of the University of Kuopio.

For most of us, our first experience with chronic illness is high blood pressure. Hypertension does not respect healthy lifestyles. Even people who maintain normal weight, exercise regularly, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and eat a heart-healthy diet can be and frequently are diagnosed with the condition. In the United States, nine out of ten people will develop hypertension by the age of 60, and six out of ten eventually take high blood pressure medication.Borderline hypertension is usually "essential" or "primary," meaning it is not associated with an abnormality in a specific organ. Until a few years ago, the causes of essential hypertension eluded medical science, but recent research has revealed that this nearly universal health problem begins as with cholesterol-but not high cholesterol.Manufacturers of cholesterol medication have it in their own self-interest to make us believe it is difficult to keep cholesterol levels down. If we, the general public believe that it is complicated to lower cholesterol, we are much more likely to follow the recommendations of healthcare professionals regarding the use of cholesterol medication. As you read this article, it is my hope that you will come to understand that for the vast majority of people, healthy cholesterol levels can be attained without the use of medication.

It was said previously that cholesterol can only adhere to the inner lining of the artery if it has been damaged. How does that harm come about? Evidence points to free radical damage as being one of the causes of arterial wall damage. Free radicals are found all around us. They are highly reactive substances like polluted air, radiation, tobacco smoke, herbicides, and also naturally within our own bodies as an offshoot of common metabolic processes.Despite the fact that hardly anyone else agrees with me, I believe firmly that the cholesterol hypothesis is wrong. By the time you have finished this chapter, I hope to have convinced you of this fact too. Before starting on the demolition job I must admit that, for many years, I too believed that a raised cholesterol level caused heart disease. On the face of it the evidence seemed overwhelming, and it also seemed to make sense.


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