Diabetes Type 2 - A Diabetes Lifestyle

By Michael J Hutch

If you feel tired excessively, need to use the bathroom frequently, find yourself drinking a lot of water, end up eating in an effort to gain energy and are possibly losing weight, you may be showing signs of diabetes. Both diabetes type 1 and type 2 manifest themselves with these signs, but if you are an adult over the age of 35, you are undoubtedly a victim of diabetes 2. This is because diabetes type 2 is brought on by poor lifestyle choices while diabetes type 1 manifests itself in young adults and children who have problems producing insulin naturally in their bodies.

Whatever the reason may be that you have contracted diabetes type 2, whether it be lack of exercise, poor dietary habits, obesity or all of the above, it is not the end of the world to live with your condition. Living a diabetes lifestyle is one that is accomplished by more than two million people in the UK and millions more around the world. The first things you need to focus on are improving your diet and exercise. You are already facing a serious consequence of not keeping up on your health through the years, but you can prevent your condition from worsening by making a change now.

An easy form of exercise that you can implement each day as a resident of the UK is walking for 10 to 20 minutes. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and make a small change that will help improve your condition. Exercise is undeniably important in diabetes 2 patients because it will help burn off the sugar in your blood and keep it from spiking. Along with exercise should come an improved diet. Sugar, simple carbohydrates and salt will all spike your blood sugar, so avoid these with a diabetes diet.

An improvement of your diet and exercise regimen is a way to handle your diabetes type 2, but it is also a preventative measure. 90% of people who live in the UK who contract the condition in later life are overweight and living sedentary lifestyles. Eating a proper diabetes diet will not be able to rid you of your condition once you have developed it, but it can help you live a less debilitating lifestyle once you have diabetes type 2. Make sure you eat five to six small meals a day instead of three large ones and avoid stress to help keep your blood sugar levels normal.

Michael Hutch is a Type 3 diabetic and an expert in diabetes type 2 in the UK and around the world. He studied for a PhD in Medicine from an Australian University in the 1980s. To learn more, please visit http://www.Diabetes-Your-Blood-Sugar-UK.com today!

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