Style Tips For The Perfect Prescription Glasses

By: Radhika Rao

Style Tips for the Perfect Prescription Glasses
The spectacles industry today is flooded with a range of glasses with myriad shapes, styles, colours and fit. From the conventional fully rimmed or semi rimmed glasses to the more modern rimless and designer spectacles, consumers can indulge and pick the spectacles that suit their tastes.
However, not all frames suit all faces. Thus, it is always a good idea to keep in mind a few handy tips that can not only help you pick the right pair but also enhance your style quotient to a great extent.

Different Styles for Different Face Shapes
The most fundamental criteria while selecting prescription glasses or sunglasses is the face shape. It is recommended that:

1. For round faces, it is always a good idea to opt for square or rectangular frames with slightly larger lenses. Wearing oval or round spectacles would further accentuate the roundness of the face thereby making it devoid of any profile and angles.
2. Those who have a thin and long face must not choose slim frames. Instead they must opt for thick and bold frames which would highlight the eyes and help in adding character to them.
3. If you have a heart shaped face then the sleek and delicate frames are for you. Even choosing rimless glasses can also be a great idea. These sleek frames would ensure that the wide cheek bones are not accentuated further.
4. If you have an oval face then consider yourself lucky as most styles would suit your face shape.

Wear Your Specs in Style

Apart from the face shapes, it is important to choose your pair of prescription glasses according to your skin tone, hairstyle and eyes.
So, if you have a pale skin tone, go in for fashionable tortoiseshell frames. Even selecting metallic frames in darker shades can be a great idea. Thus, gun metal or golden spectacles can do the trick.
For those who have a nice tan with blonde hair black frames are for you. Black glasses can even suit you if your have beautiful black eyes.
Choosing spectacles according to the hairstyle is also important. For those who have long hair or let their hair loose, must avoid opting for large frames. On the contrary, if you have short hair, large bold frames can be a superb pick.

These simple style tips can definitely help you pick the perfect pair and make a lasting impression.

The author Radhika is one of the lab experts at EyeExperts, an online spectacles company that provides prescription glasses, designer frames and sunglasses. The author is an experienced optometrist and has vast experience in the eye wear industry.


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