Be On The Alert Keyboard The Computer Was The Breeding Place For Disease

Toilet sat was talked about as the dangerous germs nest. A research found the bacteria in keyboard the computer was more dangerous compared to available in toilet sat.

A research in the London office complex, germs were found in some office equipment. These germs could cause food poisoning as being launched by Ananova, on Saturday (2008/5/3).

From 33 keyboard, evidently 4 it was considered had the potential to disrupt the health. And from 1 keyboard 5 times were dangerous because more often clung germs were compared toilet sat.

A microbiologist explained keyboard that was very dirty better was throw away or cleaned.

The microbiology consultant from University College London Hospital, Dr Wilson, said exchanged-tukaran used keyboard could spread the illness among the office worker.

"If you saw his development, believed or not, these germs his relations with the nose and your intestines." Did your friend suffer flu in the office or was affected by gastroenteritis, you found it easy tertular resulting from germs in keyboard, added he.


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