Eat Chewing Gum Prevented Broken Teeth

Eat chewing gum indeed tended to be carried out by children. Possibly because of could be made the balloon, so as children liked. But don't be wrong, children who ate chewing gum, precisely had teeth that more kept towards damage.

Eat chewing gum had been regarded as the impolite habit and unhealthy. But the matter like that apparently was not again current. A report from the journal of Journal of Dental Research showed that digesting free chewing gum sugar, not only improved the health of teeth, but also gave the profit that would long after you no longer consume chewing gum.

The researchers from the Dentistry School in the Washington University followed the development of children's teeth that consumed free chewing gum sugar for five years, then stopped consuming him.

The researchers found that teeth that emerged while the period ate most protected chewing gum from damage after two stopping years consumed chewing gum. The researchers also found that available teeth for the period ate chewing gum apparently did not give the profit in a period of that was long.


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