Would you drink enough water pure?

Each cell in our body needed water to live healthy. We lost approximately 3 litre water through the disposal of urine, sweat, and steam.

In general our requirement would water was 1,5 until 2,5 litre a day. If the sun shone the intensity very or was sport, the requirement for the water increased more than normally.

Along with this various methods so that we were avoided from dehydration, that is:

1. For the habit drank the pure water when resting. When working in front of the computer, after 20 minutes, gave the eyes from the computer screen a rest. Take a glass water and the gulp several times.

2. Always began the social gathering with a cup sup

3. Don't forget, brought a bottle of the mineral water in the car or in the bag if you went on a trip rose the bus.

4. Choose vegetables that contained water like broccoli, carrots, apples, the potato, and yoghurt

5. Don't forget to drink after eating.


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