The positive benefit carried out relations sex

Many positive benefits for our health from the frequency carried out sexual relations. Several researches were often proven by sex made us become healthy. Along with this the benefit from having sex:

• Sex could release someone from stress. If when we had sex, blood pressure will become normal so as stress will be lost.

• Sex could increase body resistance. Because sex stimulated natural body resistance in the production in the body. So as if your frequency carried out sexual relations, then your body resistance will increase.

• If you had the weight surplus, sex could overcome the weight surplus. When having sex for half of the hour, calorie that will be burnt around 3.570 calorie. Because when you had certain relationship will issue sweat like sport. Imagined if you had sex the routine, definitely him would even more calorie that was burnt.

• Sex made our heart healthy. A research in England could prove that in having sex very influential in the health of the heart. If we often were connected.

• If we a person that not all that the self-confidence, evidently in carrying out sexual relations could increase the self-confidence anda. because when carrying out sexual relations, someone will feel satisfied with himself. Because of that sexual relations could increase the feeling of your self-confidence.

• Believe or not, sex could increase the feeling of the love for your couple. Because when having sex, there was the hormone oksitosin that in the production. This hormone is normally acknowledged as the love hormone that could increase the feeling love against your couple. With increasingly the frequency carried out sexual relations, then kemesraan you to your couple increasingly will increase. Apart from could increase the feeling love, the hormone oksitosin also could in used eliminated the feeling of being sick naturally.

• Sex could reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The frequency of the ejaculation to the man when carrying out sexual relations with his couple will reduce the affected risk of prostate cancer.

• Sex could train the wall of the vagina. When we had sex, the muscle will to the wall of the vagina take part in being trained like when carrying out the exercise kegel.

• Many of some people had difficulty sleeping, if you want to was avoided from insomnia, please had sex with your couple before sleeping. because sex can make the sleep more well-sleep.


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