The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

By: Ugo Julie

The fastest way to lose weight is to know what caused your obesity in the first place. Its that simple. Once you know the cause, you'll get the solution. Thus when you know what you did to be fat, first stop doing it, second you do the opposite to get the reverse effect. So let's examine the causes of obesity.

1. Heredity: Have you ever wondered that some people eat and eat yet they are as a slim as a pole. But others add weight whenever they put something in their mouth. In a scientific study, adults who were adopted as children were found to have weights closer to their biological parents than to their adoptive parents. It is the genes at work. Now if you found out that you are obese because your parent has fat genes, try exercise. You can start by walking (brisk walk) for an hour a day.

2. Overeating: We all know that too much of anything is bad (I don't about fresh air).Remember, all foods are fattening if you eat more than your body require. So are you obese because of the quantity of your food intake? First stop it, second start today to reduce the quantity of food you take. Learn to choose more nutritious meals that are low in fat.

3. Lack of exercise: Do you that there are people who aren't genetically fat, they eat right but they are fat? Reason they don't exercise. Yes, lack of physical activity increase the storage of fats in your system. There are lots of exercises you can choose from-walking, swimming, cycling, jogging. Choose the one you like and try exercising for 30 minutes-1 hour every morning before you take your bath.

4. Negative emotions: Some people eat in response to emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, worry, sadness or boredom. Then they grow fat which leads to depression and low self-esteem and they eat more. If you are in this category, first stop it, eat only when you are hungry. Second fill your life with positive emotions like love, peace, faith, hope, happiness.

5. Illness: Studies have shown that certain illness like Hypothyroidism, Cushing's syndrome, can lead to obesity or a tendency to gain weight. Also drugs such as steroids and some antidepressants may cause weight gain. If you find yourself in this category see your doctor, he'll help you. A doctor can tell you whether there are underlying medical conditions that are causing your weight again or making your weight loss attempt difficult.

6. Virus: Scientists say a common virus may be one of the reasons so many people are obese. They say obesity is caused by a virus that causes colds and sore throat and is spread by dirty hands. The latest research showed that the virus could trigger the development of fatty cells in the body. So you know what to do. Protect yourself from cold and wash your hand (personal hygiene).

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Ugo Julie is committed to helping people be healthier, wealthier and happier. More of her works can be seen at http://www.losethatweightfast.blogspot.com


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