One Simple Tip For Diabetics

By: Tehmina Mazher

Till to date there is no invention like magic cure, or magical pill, or a fantastic injection, the cure to diabetes is a simple remedy that is to have control on what you eat.

Eat Fibrous Food A diet low in fat and carbohydrates rich in fiber and proteins is recommended. You have to control the sugar levels with the help of diet and exercise is the only tip for the best management of diabetes.

Fruits help to control the blood sugar as they are low in glycemic index. They promote a slow and steady increase in the sugar level of the blood which is of great importance to diabetics.

In more simple words fiber keeps the blood glucose from going high after a meal because it slows down the speed at which the food is digested. A high fiber, low fat way of eating also reduces the risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and obesity. Fiber has a favorable effect on cholesterol too.

Fiber in a food is made up of two types

Insoluble fiber Such as that found in vegetables and whole grain products.Insoluble fiber improves gastrointestinal function

Soluble Fiber Such as found in fruits, oats, barley and beans. Soluble fiber affects blood glucose.

The recommended amount of fiber is 20-35 grams per day.

The simplest rule for diabetics is to stick on to their diet. Do regular exercise and take your medicines. A well balanced diet according to your needs is the key of long, happy and healthy life.

I know that what I am going to tell you can be unbelievable, but thats the truth and 100% truth. Diabetes can be managed and even reversed. I have reversed it follow these links- Diabetes Information and Diabetes Cure and see the results and get a free e-book on diabetes.


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