Therapies For Stuttering And Stammering

By: Steve Hill

So you have realised that speech therapy is doing very little to improve your fluency and have now decided to seek an alternative form of stuttering therapy, but what options are available for people who have this form of speech impediment?

At the age of eighteen, after having attended the traditional forms of speech therapy for the previous fourteen years, I also decided that enough was enough. I felt let down by the system, by the lack of understanding of the problems that I was having to face on a daily basis, surely there must be some treatments for stuttering out there that is better than this.

This was seventeen years ago, before the start of the internet revolution. I started my search to find a cure for stuttering by visiting my local library, unfortunately this proved to be a waste of time. I then looked in my local yellow pages and also went to see my local doctor but again it was as if there was not a person or therapist which specialised in the treatment of stuttering. Did nobody care?

Fortunately nowadays, since the birth of the internet, people have access to a massive amount of resources and information via the web. They are able to find the latest therapies for stuttering by doing a simple search on one of the major search engines, such as Google, I sure wish that this had been an option for me all those years ago.

Options in stuttering therapy include speech therapy courses run by people who have managed to overcome a stutter. These are normally held on a group basis however there are one-to-one stuttering courses out there, these are the most popular and beneficial but they can have long waiting lists due to this popularity.

Attending a speech course is not suitable to everyone and for people who are unable to attend such a course there are a number of powerful and beneficial self-help stuttering products on the market.

All in all the options in stuttering therapy have improved some what in the last fifteen years!


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