Make a Plan To Quit Smoking

By: Jackie Winn

Are you a smoker who wants to quit the habit? A lot of people will tell you that stopping smoking can be very arduous, but the truth of the matter is, if you are truly resolved on quitting smoking then it may be that you might not feel it to be demanding in the least. If you really do desire to break the smoking habit, start off by telling yourself that you will never, ever touch one of those disgusting cigarettes again.

Mark a date on your Calendar:

If you feel absolutely determined to stop smoking, it is important ensure that you 100% believe that you will not never lay your hands on a tobacco product again, If you can't come to this decision for whatever reason than quite simply you are wasting your time and the entire exercise will prove to be pointless. With that in mind, it is important that you set a definite date for quitting so that you will be able to commence your new lifestyle of a life free from cigarettes. Once you have set a date you ought to abide by that date completely and be sure your state of mind is unchangeable and you will not allow yourself to fall back to that old bad habit again.

Preparation is Key:

The next thing you should do is to get ready for the date you have as your "Quit Smoking Day". Some individuals carry on smoking right up to the day they set for stopping stating they've plenty of time. Yet if you've genuinely made the decision to quit then you should at least try to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke during the run up to your quitting day. It's very challenging to suddenly stop smoking due to the Nicotine addiction trying to pull you back to the habit once more.

You're Not On Your Own!

However difficult things sometimes appear to be, always remember that nothing is impossible. With a good amount of will power and determination individuals have always managed to overcome obstacles in their path and become successful. So always bear in mind that you most definitely are not the only one suffering as if you browse the internet or ask among your friends and acquaintances you will discover lots of people who have succeeded in breaking their smoking habit and are now living a healthier, happier and richer lifestyle!. So ask them what methods they chose to use and how they managed to overcome the periods of withdrawal that you will have to go through. Speak to a few people like this and you will find your confidence being boosted as if by magic. Also search on Google for public forums related to stop smoking and join a few of those; this is where you will be able to hook up with many of people who are in a similar situation to you. Introduce yourself with a simple post, Interact with other users and share your concerns and worries, they day say that "a problem shared is a problem halved" and this can often turn out to be true.

An Assortment Of Useful Tips:

As soon as you reach the date you set in your calendar as your "Quit Smoking Day", you need to embrace the process of getting rid of all smoking related thoughts from your mind and getting rid of all the smoking related stuff from you home including cigarette lighters, cigarettes (of course!), opened (and unopened) packets of cigarettes, all other kinds of tobacco. Throw the lot into your garbage can and breathe a huge sigh of relief now that finally and at last you are free from the dreaded demands of tobacco. Once you have cleared out your home (and car!) make the effort to have your clothes cleaned, together with your carpets and have your car interior valeted to get rid of those tobacco smoke odours, this is a huge help in getting rid of your smoking triggers.

Research have also shown that if you drink freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast and/or with your evening meal, the affects of Nicotine on your body after you have quit smoking may be repressed substantially helping you to quit and stay quit!!

Remove all thoughts of smoking that are in your mind and throw away all the trash produced by smoking tobacco products from round you. You really can live a life which is free from tobacco smoke!


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