How to Avoid Complications in Diabetes?

By: Stephen_Thomson

Excess blood sugar can cause damage to body cells and lead to either short term or long-term complications in diabetes. Short-term complications are hyperglycemia and increase ketones in urine. Long term complications are blood vessel diseases, heart diseases, damage to nerves, kidney damage, complications in eyes, skin diseases etc.

In early stages of diabetes, patient ignores the disease and do not take any measures to control the blood sugar. High sugar in blood for long time cause damage to various organs like heart, kidney, eyes, nerves, blood vessels, etc. However, If blood sugar is kept under control and with active diabetes care, you can reduce the risk of complications in diabetes. Following are some of the ways by which you can reduce the risk of diabetes complications:

Have a regular physical examination every year, in addition to your regular checkup, so that any complication can be detected in early stages.

Get your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist or eye specialist every year. High blood sugar affects the lens as well as retina. Presence of high blood pressure along with diabetes increases the risk of complications in eyes.

Diabetes impairs the immunity of body and increase the risk of infections. So, stay up-to-date with vaccinations, so that you can avoid diseases like influenza, tetanus and hepatitis B.

Diabetes is associated with poor blood flow to the feet and nerve damage in the feet, which increases the risk of complications in foot. So, take care of your feet to avoid the complications.

Stop smoking. Smoking increases the risk of complications like cardiovascular, neuropathies and nephropathy in diabetes.

Keep record of your blood sugar as well as blood pressure. Although diabetes is associated with increase level of sugar in blood, but it can increase the blood pressure and cause hypertension. Presence of hypertension along with high blood sugar increases the risk of cardiovascular complications like heart attack, stroke or other life-threatening conditions.

So, with proper diabetes care and control of blood sugar, you can reduce the risk of diabetes complications.

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