3 Most Effective Eye Exercises That Improve Eyesight

By: Andrei Petunin

Okay, they are not so much eye exercises, but techniques that are, in my personal experience (since I've restored my vision), as well as others, most effective of all. 2 of them are geared towards relaxing our eye muscles, while the third one improves out vision, through stretching it. So, let's get into it.

You may have heard of this one, it's been given a name "Sunning" (by Dr. W. H. Bates, a New York (U.S.A.) ophthalmologist), and you may have even done it before, but do you know how to do it in the most effective and safe way? Safety is quite important throughout all exercises, and especially this one, because doing things wrong may cause things that range from a slight delay in your improvement, to a fairly sever eye problem. Sunning, as you've probably already guessed, involves the sun, and you may have heard all oculists and doctors out there all in one throat telling us that sun is bad for our eyes, that it damages them, etc. etc. Well, although this is true, sun actually has a very powerful healing effect that helps us to get a better vision. That is why we need to take care when doing Sunning.

Here's what we do. First of, we fully relax our eye muscles, while doing Sunning. This should, preferably, be done outside, or at least next to a window. Now, you should only do Sunning during an early sunrise or a late sunset, or else you are risking of getting yourself eye floaters, that will, eventually form a Cataract. If you don't have sun near by, then you may use a light, 150 watt bulb. It will not be as effective as using the sun, but will still help relax our eye muscles, which is what we want. Another highly recommended thing to do is you should cover one of your eyes with your palm , while Sunning. Make sure to use your palm, and not your fingers, as this not only insures the best cover of sunlight, but also has a healing effect, since our palms emit healing energy. Now, sit down on a chair, facing the light,, cover one eye, and spin your head like a pendulum, form one side to the other. Do not focus your vision on anything, just swing your head from right to left, and vice-versa. Do this for 2 minutes or less, and then do the same with the other eye.

Second exercise is called "Palming". Palming should always be done after Sunning, in order to reinforce relaxation. Palming is a harmless exercises, in that you cannot over-do it, even if you sit at it continuously for hours (although that is not recommended). There were, apparently, a few people in Dr. Bates's practice that were going almost blind with their vision, and after sitting, doing palming for 20 hours continuously were able to fully regain their vision (i.e. they saw the last line of the eyesight test from 20 feet away). Palming is also geared towards eye muscle relaxation. To start with, rub your hands vigorously against one another until they are warn. Then put them one on another in a cross, and cover your face so that the centre of your palms rest exactly on your eyes. Try to eliminate all light, and close your eyes. The minimum you should spend at this stance is 5 minutes, and, for the best effect, it is recommended to spend 10. After you're done, put your hands down while keeping our eyes closed, then inhale deeply, for supply of fresh oxygen to our lungs also relaxes our body, therefor our eye muscles, and open your eyes slowly. You will then, depending on how well you've relaxed, see better than before.

A couple more tips, when seeing, do so without an effort. Every effort on your part causes tension, therefor bad eyesight. When palming, don't stare, instead, think of something nice. This is quite important because closing our eyes doesn't automatically guarantee relaxation - our eyes can still stare, therefor are as tensed as they wear when your eyes were open. This is also true for when we sleep. When we close our eyes just before we switch off into The Never-Land, we need to make sure that our eye muscles are not tensed, or else we'll most definitely have tensed eyes throughout our whole sleeping period, which, kind of, defeats the point of rest, altogether.

Now, this last exercises helped me improve my vision from almost -5 both eyes (deteriorating fast), to literally an eagle vision now. I've never seen so well before in my whole life, and I'm forever grateful for that! So pay attention. What you do here is you stretch your vision. If you are "hyperopic" (or long-sighted), then you push it closer. It's as simple as that. That technique (if you can call it that!) alone will happily improve and even restore your eyesight, proving you do it well. Unfortunately what I found is that when I stretched my vision while I was just walking down the street, it did little good... So here's what worked for me: as I sat in our University library, with fairly dim lighting (normal lighting during the day), and I looked outside a window that was roughly 25 meters away from where I was sitting. But I didn't just look, instead, I had forced (to start with, until I could do it via other techniques, like through controlling my mood &, eventually, by simply blinking in a certain way), then, when I got the desired flash of good vision, I kept that good vision for as long as I possibly could. It lasted for a second or two at the start, but then quickly started to last longer and longer, until, eventually (literally over a week, from that point) my vision had returned to perfect (pre my 13 year old age, which was ten years ago, and that's the time when I was first equipped with my first ever, and so much hated thereafter, vision aid!).

What you should look for in this last exercise is a place where you can most easily keep that flash of good vision for longer. For me, this place just happened to be our University Library. A very important point to remember is when you get this good vision, you keep it while you're fully relaxed, or else it'll not be as effective (if effective at all), You will possibly experience discomfort and even a slight pain in your eyes, like I did. This is good, because it means that your eye muscles are stretching. You will see a significant improvement in your vision after this exercise.

It's all so simple, it's even a little disgusting (mostly because we are not told this by anyone), and yet it is so powerful that it may make your knickers wet... (brrr, an extremely unpleasant experience, always have a spare with you. - just kidding!)

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