How Fruit Regulates Blood Sugar

By Brad Chase

Every diabetes patient is different and because of this no change to diet should be made without consulting your doctor. Before making any changes to what you eat, talk to your doctor and take their advice on how you should regulate your diet. Diabetes is a serious disease and you should be very aware of everything you can do to keep it in check. Certain foods will help you to control your blood sugar levels and fruits are one of these food groups. Through careful planning, monitoring, and utilizing you can take the fruit food group and turn it from an enemy into a friend. Monitoring what you eat is one of the most important things someone with diabetes does, and this is especially true of the fruit food group.

If you aren't aware of how you can help to control your diabetes using your diet, you can help to control your blood sugar levels by eating certain food groups or certain foods with sugars in them. While it is important to be careful to not overdo it with your sugar filled foods, a food group like fruit can be a valuable asset to be able to eat, especially when you are having a craving for something sweet. Most diabetics can't eat foods like candy, cakes, etc. because it shoots their blood sugar too high. Fruits are an excellent way to taste something enjoyable and sweet like this, without hurting your body.

People with diabetes often feel that because fruits have a lot of natural sugars that they should avoid eating them. This is not in fact true. Just like it is important for people without diabetes to eat fruits, it is equally important that a person with diabetes receive the goodness that fruits can give you. Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients that are important for anyone to have in their body.

While you should be careful with eating fruits if you have diabetes, as they will raise your blood sugar, they do not have to be avoided completely if they are eaten in moderation. Diabetics are encouraged to stay away from things like candy because they are empty calories. Fruit on the other hand will offer you something healthy, while still raising your blood sugar (albeit less dramatically).

It is very important that you monitor your blood sugar levels when eating fruits. Different people will react differently to fruits and while it may take one diabetic two servings of fruits to raise their blood sugar too high, it may only take one serving of fruit to another diabetic to push their blood sugar too high.

It is very important when you are monitoring your fruit intake that you be completely honest and very accurate. If you are lying about the size of a serving or not accurately measuring it could cause you serious trouble as you risk running your blood sugar too high or letting it slip too low.

While the large amount of sugar in fruits can be dangerous for diabetics, when eaten in moderation and monitored properly they can be an excellent treat for that sweet tooth.

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