Diets to Lose Weight Fast? - The Best Weight Loss Diets Exposed

By: Rashon Wells

You have heard all the hype about the best diets to lose weight fast. Here we will compare a couple of the most talked about diets on the market then show you the best of the best.

First up we have the South Beach diet, a known cardiologist developed this diet for his patients to address heart issues. A side effect of the diet was extreme weight loss. The diet calls for an all out ban on most carbohydrates in the first stage. Banned foods would include bread, fruit, sugar, milk, potatoes, rice, and alcohol. Basically, most of the food you eat or drink. As a result, this first stage is the hardest to maintain because not only do you have to exert tremendous will power but also you are doing it while not getting the proper nutrition. In addition to no vitamins and minerals from fruit and dairy and a drastic reduction in sugar.

Next up is the Atkins diet, this is another of the low carbohydrate diets to lose weight fast. The idea was that carbohydrates caused weight gain through increased sugar in the blood and therefore increased insulin production, which forced the sugars into the cells. Therefore, if you cut the carbohydrates then weight gain ceases and weight loss begins. The down side to this is the body also loses muscle and begins to release ketones. These lead to a variety of problems such as headaches, dehydration, and dizziness and over the long-term bone density loss.

A lot of people may think that these are good diets to lose weight fast but neither of these diets are healthy or highly sustainable. What if there were a diet that provided healthy quantities and diversity of food, sufficient nutrients, and was made with foods you already eat? Plus give you an average weight loss of 6-11 pounds every eleven days, and all this while allowing you three cheat days in which you eat whatever you like?

Fat loss 4 Idiots is just such a plan. The key is balance and common sense, depriving yourself totally of any one food group or food item is really not sustainable for any length of time.

If you want a diet that consists of the types of food you like to eat in a way that sponsors weight loss and muscle retention visit this website: Fat Loss 4 Idiots


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