Are Supplements Really Necessary?

By: Gregory Shyne

Almost everywhere you look there are tons of advertisements thrown at you promoting all kinds of supplements that "guarantee" outstanding results in a ridiculously short period of time... and most of the time, they are extremely convincing! Which is why the fitness/bodybuilding industry is a multibillion dollar industry... there are millions on people who are desperate to see "immediate" results and will pay or do almost anything (except actually put in the hard work) to get it. These people are very misinformed when it comes knowing what it takes to build muscle, etc. Therefore, they are easy targets when the next "new and improved" product hits the market. (By the way, if something is "new" why on earth does it already need to be "improved"? Think about it...)

At the end of the day the results are the same... you haven't seen any of the results you were promised by the promoters of the supplements and you have just flushed your money down the toilet (again). Then what happens? You see the next "new and improved" supplement being marketed that promises to deliver even greater results! The cycle starts all over again... You ever noticed how most of the products are created by the same company that sold you the other products that did not work? Think about it... it is a never ending cycle of lies!

So the big question of the day is... are supplements really necessary for building muscle? The simple answer is no. Supplements are not at all necessary when is comes to building muscle. You can get everything your body needs to build muscle and stay healthy by simply eating properly! Supplements are just that! Supplements, not replacements! They can not do any more or less than a properly planned diet!

Are supplements useful? Again the simple answer is yes. There are some supplements that are actually proven to actually be beneficial to the muscle building process. However, they do not replace anything in your regular diet. They only make things a little easier, meaning you would not have to eat as much. So I repeat, supplements only add to the nutrients that your body already gets through proper eating habits.

Which supplements are worth a try? There are only three different types of supplements that I would invest in if you are interested in giving them a try. These supplements are whey protein, creatine, and glutamine. That's it! These are the only supplements that would be beneficial to your muscle building process. But I repeat again, they are only "supplements"! They not meant to replace your diet! They just make things a little easier for you.

Best Wishes,
Greg Shyne

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