Double Chin Plastic Surgery

By Jared Rothe

Do you have saggy skin beneath your jaw? Is the skin there fatty as well, thereby giving the impression of multiple chins? And are all these the cause of depression of your aging life? Well, you don't have to worry anymore because in this age of science and technology every problem has a scientific solution. And in this case the name of the solution is double chin plastic surgery. The precise and technical term of this blessing is Tumescent Liposuction. This is a procedure whereby fat is extracted from the skin beneath your jaw with the help of small incisions.

Is the name and concept of this treatment sounding new to you? Does double chin plastic surgery immediately only make you think of face lifts? Or for that matter chin tucks? Well, it appears like you are pretty educated about double chin plastic surgery but not pretty updated. True that these are also forms of double chin plastic surgery but they are less preferred these days due to the relatively less side effects. We all know that after plastic surgery there follows a recovery period and that this kind of treatment inevitably leaves behind scars. Well, with Tumescent Liposuction these side effects are much less and therefore this is more preferred than the other methods of this treatment.

The biggest advantage of this process is that it uses new technology microscopic instruments for the incisions. This makes sure that the incisions made are extremely minute, further, such spots are chosen for these incisions that don't easily come to the notice of people. And so you don't have to worry about the awkwardness of people becoming aware of the surgery. So you can just enjoy the envious faces of your friends without the fear of being discovered, when you suddenly start flaunting your tight neck and teenage-chin.

Plastic surgery sounds like a boon but on a second thought many people, especially women, get scared at the thought of bleeding. But with this new technique of plastic surgery it is ensured that bleeding is minimal. You'll be subjected to only local anesthetic. Many older patients also wish to tighten their neck and jaw region muscles through this process, and therefore their neck looks like a teenager's.

One of the biggest blessings of this treatment is the recovery period. It is unusually short. The other advantage is that general anesthesia is avoided and so it is not in the least risky!

When it comes to plastic surgery, surgeon and patient discuss beforehand how the face is to be restructured. Some surgeons might even give you the computer image of your face post-surgery.

In today's changing world men are walking shoulder to shoulder with women in the field of beauty. They are no longer shy of looking after their beauty. It is therefore that more and more men today are opting for plastic surgery as well. They too are get their neck and under-jaw tightened to get that euphoric feeling of youth.

The neck and chin region will be bandaged for about a couple of hours and you might feel a bit of pain in the region. But remember it's temporary and above all, the pain is worth it.

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