7 Insomnia Tips - Use These Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

By: Sean Saunders

Searching for tips to fall asleep faster? Well, you're not alone there. The truth is that millions upon millions of people suffer from sleeping problems, all of whom want nothing more than to just get a good nights rest. Luckily, by following these few insomnia tips, any insomnia sufferer can do just that!

Tips To Fall Asleep...

1. Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps your body going, even if you want it to slow down so that you can get some sleep. Be sure to ingest NO caffeine before going to bed.

2. No More Alcohol or Tobacco: Studies show that alcohol and tobacco abuse upset a person's natural sleeping rhythm. Having said that, stop smoking and drinking during the day if you want to sleep better at night.

3. Sleep in a firm bed. A soft, squishy bed may feel comfortable and nice, but a firm bed is the best choice for sleeping. A firm bed will give your body the support it needs so that you can fall asleep faster.

4. Make a sleeping routine. Of all the tips to fall asleep faster, this is one of the most important. By going to bed the same time each night, your body will be able to program itself to know precisely when "bed time" comes a'knockin.

5. Bed equals sleep. You need to program your body to know that the bed means sleep; not working, not TV watching, not day planning, and not book reading. If your body & mind connects bed with sleep, you won't have any trouble getting a good nights rest.

6. Don't sleep in. Sleeping in, no matter how much you want to, will throw your bed time schedule completely out-of-whack. Even if it's the weekend, make it a goal to get up at the same time each day.

7. Warm Milk and a Bath. Have a class of warm milk and take a warm bath 20-30 minutes before bed. The bath will relax you, while the warm milk will sooth jagged nerves, thereby relaxing you even further. It's a highly effective relaxation combo, so use it whenever you really need a good night's rest.

Will these 7 tips to fall asleep faster cure your sleeping disorder? Maybe, maybe not; but one thing is for sure, you're not going to find out unless you try them!

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