Top Tips For Successful Detoxing

By: Denise Mcken

1. In order to flush your kidneys, squeeze some lemon juice into a glass of warm water in the morning and drink. To get the most nutrients from the lemon, try buying organic.

2. If you don't already, drink around 2 litres of water per day to help flush out any toxins being released even quicker.

3. Increase your fruit and veg intake. Make sure you eat different types of fruit and veg each day as eating 3 apples or 2 oranges, for example, still only counts as one fruit.

4. Cut down on the amount of fat and salt in foods you consume and cut out foods with added sugar - you will be eating natural sugar in the fruit you eat. Also, cut out alcohol and caffeine although if you are one of those people who have a lot of caffeine each day, it would be best to cut down in gradual steps prior to starting a detox program to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

5. If you think you'll be hungry by trying to survive on juices for the duration of your detox (as some people do), eating smaller meals more often will help you to keep going. A nice and simple tip for you is to eat from a smaller sized plate. Using a larger plate only encourages you to fill it up and potentially eat more than you need to in one sitting. That said, if you can manage to substitute at least one meal with a juice, preferably freshly made, this will benefit you greatly.

6. You can get all the protein you need in your diet by eating tofu, beans and pulses and raw unsalted nuts (if you don't have an allergy). It is best to avoid meat and fish at this particular time but If you intend to continue eating them, choose the lean varieties, again preferably organic as these will not contain chemicals etc....

7. It may be wise to let friends and family know of your intention to follow a detox program to stop them from (unintentionally) offering the very things you will be trying to cut back on or cut out completely.

8. Buying everything you need in advance (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks etc...) for the duration of your detox will help you to be well prepared no matter where you are and stop you from wanting to buy something not very healthy should you be caught out with a major hunger pang and in need of a quick fix. The best snack to have is fruit, raw nuts and seeds.

9. DO NOT follow a detox program if you are pregnant, breast feeding, receiving medical attention or on any kind of medication. If you have any other concerns or doubts, consult your doctor. Follow these simple tips and you will find the whole detox process becomes a lot easier!

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